A Reliable Test for an Early Surprise

A Reliable Test for an Early Surprise

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest and most beautiful phases of life, during which you would want to do everything to ensure it runs by smooth and hassle-free. The very initial and exciting step in this journey of parenting is the part where you get to know your baby’s gender. The curiosity, nervousness, and thrill of finding out whether you are going to be raising a daughter or a son is so special, and Acrpoint labs understand this very well and offer a chance to expectant mothers to find out their baby’s gender weeks before the ultrasound. This is done by using the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test.

What is this test and how does it work?

It is a non-invasive, DNA-based prenatal test that lets pregnant parents know the sex of the foetus, weeks before the ultrasound. It provides 99.9% accuracy in results and is proven to be safe for the mother and baby.

During pregnancy, the foetus releases foetal DNA into the mother’s bloodstream, the sample of which, is tested for the presence of male chromosomes in the blood. If male DNA is found, it is a boy; if not, it is a girl. For this SneakPeek test to work, you should be at least eight weeks into pregnancy. An eligible calculator will be offered to calculate your readiness for this test. This test kit is not affected by hormonal changes, nor are the results affected in the case of having delivered a boy in a previous pregnancy. This is because the foetal DNA clears out of the mother’s bloodstream within 3 days of the delivery.


The SneakPeek blood test has 99.9% accuracy, correctly predicting if the baby would be a boy or girl in 1,028 out of 1,029 pregnancies. They are very confident in the accuracy of results that they offer a 100% refund if the results turn out otherwise.

ACRpoint labs

Arranging your gender reveal party or life-planning in general, just gets easier by knowing the gender of your baby well in advance instead of relying on the 20-week ultrasound. ARCpoint Labs of Austin North SneakPeak testing is one of the most reliable to undergo and also to learn more about it. They will mail you the results within a few days and ensure total confidentiality by protecting your privacy. So now there is no longer the need to wait in order to celebrate your surprise and spread the happiness!