3 Beginner’s Guide to Winter Lawn Maintenance

3 Beginner’s Guide to Winter Lawn Maintenance

The lawn can be the gorgeous aspect of your garden landscape, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it completely. Winter grass maintenance that consists of only a few easy procedures and lawn care business insurance can restore the beauty of your lawn.

Follow the ideas below to keep your lawn healthy during the winter season:

  1. Cleaning the lawn

In the winter, leaves spread on the grass can get too damp, inviting disease. Moisture in the leaves can promote fungus resulting in unfavorable growing conditions for lawn plants. Cut and clean up extra plant branches before winter, and trim and clean up the grass.

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  1. Lawn aeration 

Heavy foot traffic or the weight of machinery compresses the soil beneath the grass. Even at the end of winter, the soil is often compact, so lawns get benefits from regular aeration or lawn care business insurance. There may also be issues with nutrient deficits and drainage from grassroots that necessitate forcefully pushing a fork or air shoe vertically into the soil.

  1. Fertilizer

Your grass stays quiet when the weather coolness and the nutrients are locked up. The end of August is an ideal time to feed your lawn, and the availability of slow-release lawn feeds makes the process much easier than it used to be.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to put off maintenance on your lawn during the winter and enjoy your days. However, if you put in some effort during the milder months, your lawn will appear vibrant and robust come April.